Chili and Beer Cookoff

Beer and Chili Cookoff

Rules & Guidelines

General Rules:

  • You do not have to submit a chili or beer, you are welcome to just come eat, drink, and vote!  However, if you are not submitting a beer please bring something to sip and share (not to be included in the voting process).
  • You may submit a chili AND a beer (and even multiple beer, but only one chili!).
  • After trying all the chili and beer, drop a token in the respective containers.
  • You may not vote for your own chili or beer.
  • Please let Corey and Ryan know if you plan on bringing something for the contest by emailing


  • Beer must be brewed in your home (aka not at your local brewery)
  • You may enter more than one beer, but they must be different styles
  • Please bring a “4-pack” if possible
  • Event will be blind tasting, please don’t include a label with identifiers beyond style


  • Chili must be made from scratch, no chili packets or canned chili allowed
  • Please let us know heat level (ie mild, spicy, hot)
  • Feel free to bring any kind of chili (chicken, vegetarian, turkey, etc).
  • Plan on bringing a crockpot and any necessary items (plates and utensils will be provided)
  • Same as the beer, chili will initially be a blind tasting

Few Reminders:

  • Don’t forget to bring a serving utensil!
  • Condiments and sides are allowed (cheese, cornbread, etc)