Club Dives


Every year, between June and August, SECONN hosts monthly dives (dates and locations are TBA). If you’re new to the area, new to diving, getting back into diving, have a buddy, looking to meeting some new ones, or just want an excuse to splash, come join us for a fun dive! Our officers and dive leaders oversee each dive and can help guide you to fun spots of the site or to find an experienced buddy. Check out the officers page here.

We frequent Stonington Point in Connecticut, occasion Fort Wetherill in Rhode Island, and are open to suggestions for other dive sites. See below for the upcoming club dives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a new diver and don’t know anyone in the club…is everyone friendly?

Yes! And we love getting to meet new divers. We have divers who range in age from 16-79, so you’re bound to find someone your age.

If I don’t have a buddy, will I be assigned one? Or do I need to find one?

Each club dive is led by a SECONN Officer, their job is to help find you a buddy…whether it’s themselves or another experienced diver.

How long are the dives?

It depends on you and your buddy, but usually around 30-45 minutes.

If it starts at 6, but I can’t make it until 7, will there be someone I can buddy up with?

Usually people are in the water by 6:30, but if you ask ahead on our Facebook page you may find a buddy who would prefer a later splash as well

What kind of exposure suit will I need?

That depends on your comfort with the water levels. For June through August, most of our members wear a 7mm suit. But some wear 5mm suits, while others wear a semi-dry for the same period of time.

What will I see?

Anything is possible! At Stonington Point, we see a wide variety of critters ranging from skates to crabs to flounder or lobsters. At the end of the summer, you might even see some tropical fish that got lost in the Gulf Stream! At Fort Wetherill (Jamestown, RI), you will see many of the same things in the sand, but if you stick to the rocks, you’ll find a variety of sea stars, crabs, urchins, and more. You might even be lucky enough to spot the elusive Torpedo Ray or tiny Northern Seahorse!