Dive Flag Regulations

Others are alerted to a diver down through two methods. The first is the blue and white alpha flag (used internationally); the second is the red and white dive flag (predominately used in North America). Each nation and state has different regulations and laws regarding the use of and response to the presence of dive flags. Continue reading for information on our local regulations.


  • Dive flag must be two-sided and at least 13″ x 15″
  • No more than 4 divers per flag (unless displayed on a boat, then maximum is determined by boat capacity)
  • Divers must not surface or swim more than 50′ from their flag
  • Boaters must stay at least 100′ away from dive flags

CT Source: 2016 Connecticut Boaters Guide

Rhode Island:

  • Dive flag must be at least 12″ x 12″ and red in color with a white diagonal line
  • If flown from a boat, the flag must be at least 18″ x 18″
  • Boaters must stay at least 50′ from dive flags unless they are obstructing navigation
  • Flag must be illuminated at night

RI Source: Requirements and Standards for Vessels and Associated Equipment