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New England Species ID

Whether you view the water from above or below, you may have wondered just what calls our local waters home. There are some awesome reference books available, including the ones by Andrew Martinez and Margaret “Peg” Stewart Van Patten + Charles Yarish  – they were used in the creation of this page. Many of our members keep them in their cars for when they need to look up a New England Species ID post-dive. But if you’re just looking for a quick ID and dichotomous keys aren’t your forte, you’ve come to the right place! Feel free to let us know what you think about the page or send us some of your images (webmaster@seconndivers.org). Species featured here are one you will most likely encounter in at the local dive sites in Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, but images were taken from CT to ME. Species marked with an asterisk (*) are uncommon to the CT/RI dive sites, but still make an appearance. Stay tuned as it is an ongoing project – big thanks to the members who’ve contributed!

Anemones + Corals | ArthropodsBryozoans + Sponges + Tunicates | Echinoderms

Eggs + Egg Casings | Fish | Jellyfish + Non-Stinging Jellies | Mollusks | Rays + Skates | Seaweed

Anemones + Corals


Bryozoans + Sponges + Tunicates


Eggs + Egg Casings


Jellyfish + Non-Stinging Jellies


Rays + Skates


New England Species ID Updated 8/22/17
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