4th Annual pH2Oto Exhibit


Join us at the Credabel Coral Labs!

The Credabel Coral Lab is where groundbreaking research into coral and reef related science meets contemporary culture. Located in Downtown New London it consists of a beautiful hall featuring big white walls covered in art by local artists and aquariums full of vibrant corals.

For this special event, those big white walls will be covered with photographs taken by you and your fellow divers from locations around the world! Enjoy a night out on the town as we pretend to be fancy folk as we sip wine (or beer or water…your choice!) and chat while looking over some beautiful pictures featuring the marine and freshwater environments.

If you wish to submit a photo, please give it to a SECONN officer by November 12th (hint, we have a meeting that day!). For complete submission guidelines, check here. And if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to Corey at webmaster@seconndivers.org.