International Coastal Cleanup 2019

Every year SECONN Skin Divers joins the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) for a cleanup dive in the Thames River. The ICC is an international initiative to promote the problem of marine debris and to organize a world wide effort to clean up our coasts.

Since 2014, SECONN divers and helpers have helped pull over 1,800 items from the Thames River. These items include food wrappers, cigarettes, socks, plastic bottles, straws, bicycles, and more. Help us clean up our coastal waterways either as a diver or helper on land.

Few things to remember:

  • Bring gloves, some dives turn into braille diving due to low vis
  • Bring mesh catch bags and put some form of identifier on them
  • We swap out as we fill bags, colored zip ties and the like help return them to the correct owner at the end of the dive