NEADC’s 18th Great Annual Fish Count & Lady’s Dive Day

SECONN will be joining the New England Aquarium’s Dive Club for their 18th Great Annual Fish Count. SECONN will be acting as Beach Captain for both sides of Folly Cove. Join us for a fun day!

Why Count Fish?

The New England Aquarium partners with to monitor the species present along our coasts. REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) is a global organization based out of Florida that connects researchers with a base of knowledgeable identifiers (aka you!). By becoming a REEF member, you can help monitor species movement – we as divers often notice changes in our local areas far swifter than anyone else. So that funky fish you see floating around Stonington Point that you’re POSITIVE you saw on your last trip to the Caribbean? You may be the first to see an invasive and help stop or slow their roll.

Blue Fish? Brown Fish? IDK Fish?

Maybe you’re not totally hip to the names of our more than twenty fish species or the fifty plus species that fall into the invertebrates (without a backbone), but this is a situation where every little bit helps. And we our July meeting will be focusing on our local species! You can also check out our Local Species page to find a few of your favorites and just hunt those few down!

Become a REEF Member Today!

In order to have your fish counts be added to the database, you have to have a member ID. It’s a quick sign-up and then you’re ready! And you can count fish on every dive, in any country…just need to use the correct location codes.


Feel free to reach out to Ryan or Corey by emailing for questions regarding the event, fish ID, REEF, or any other thoughts you have.