Underwater Cleanups


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Join us for an Underwater Cleanup!

SECONN Skin Divers seek to be an environmentally conscious crew – each dive is considered a cleanup dive (whether it’s trash or treasure); but we do set aside at least one dive a year whose sole purpose is to seek out and recover as much trash and marine debris as possible. The International Coastal Cleanup is an international initiative to promote the problem of marine debris and to organize a world wide effort to clean up our coasts. In 2015, 14 divers and helpers met in New London and pulled the following items out of the Thames River.

  • (1) Tablet
  • (19) Food Wrappers
  • (2) Plastic Bottle Caps
  • (3) Metal Bottle Caps
  • (20) Plastic Lids
  • (8) Plastic Utensils
  • (10) Pieces of Rope
  • (2) Socks
  • (130) Plastic Bottles
  • (2) Glass Bottles
  • (360) Beverage Cans
  • (56) Plastic Cups & Plates
  • (1) Bicycle
  • (48) Plastic Pieces
  • (1) Cell Phone
  • (2) Skateboard
  • (1) Jib Sail

That almost 700 pieces of trash! Help us clean up our coastal waterways – both in dedicated underwater cleanup dives and in regular recreational dives. If you go diving and find a site that is full of debris, let us know! Locals divers are always helping to clean up our waterways.

Underwater Cleanup 2015

Cleanups can be a dirty job – we need help both in and out of the water! Shoot us an email if you’re interested in volunteering.

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