Who We Are

Meet Our Crew!

Every April we vote in a new group of officers – this is who we are for the 2017-2018 year!

Who We Are - RDP


Ryan Patrylak received his Bachelor of Science in Coastal Studies from the University of Connecticut at Avery Point and his Masters in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island.  He currently works as a Hyperbaric Technician for South Shore Hospital in addition to being the Diving Safety Officer for the American Museum of Natural History.  He is a PADI Staff Instructor, DAN Instructor Trainer, EMT, and a Diver Medic Technician. (president@seconndivers.org)



Who We Are - MM


Michael Madelung is a dive master, who enjoys underwater photography, artifact hunting and underwater metal detecting. He loves to travel and dives as much as possible – usually around 100 dives per year. In his travels, he has visited many of the great diving destinations in the world: Australia, the Galapagos islands, Egypt, and all over the Caribbean.



Who We Are - PF


Peggy was but a wee tike of 4 years old, when her mother lied about Peggy’s age to get her into swim lessons early. After years of fruitlessly trying to develop gills, Peggy discovered the snorkel (which was very unusual in those days, especially for a girl from Iowa). She then happily spent years observing the sea creatures of the western Caribbean (again, unusual for a girl from Iowa)  deciding which ones would be best for dinner that night.  But, again, the search for staying longer underwater in her happy place continued. And then the heavens opened and the path to Nirvana was shown – scuba diving!  In her usual way, just getting certified wasn’t enough for Peggy. No – on to her Advanced, Rescue, and much to her pleasure she was forced into Divemaster. And now….the pinnacle….SECONN officer.(treasurer@seconndivers.org)

Who We Are - KASecretary:

Katie Arruda is an Environmental Scientist and Travel Blogger on the Connecticut shoreline. She received a Marine Science degree from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Utah.  While Katie loves the mountains, she is so happy to no longer be landlocked and have all her favorite dive buddies back.  Katie has been diving since 2012 and moved to Stonington to be closer to her favorite dive sites and the Dogwatch.  Katie is passionate about lobsters, getting more women involved in the dive community, and just about everything New England.

Who We Are - JGDive Safety Officer:

Jeff Godfrey is the Diving Safety Officer for the University of Connecticut.  Prior to this he spent 8 years conducting scientific diving at Utah State University.  Jeff holds SDI and TDI instructor certifications including mixed gas rebreather instructor and he teaches both recreational and scientific diving at the University of Connecticut’s Avery Point Campus.



Who We Are - CAL


Corey Leamy is a Wet Chemistry Technician with experience as a Marine Research Specialist at the University of Connecticut and a Rescue Diver/Surface Water Survival Instructor at Survival Systems, USA. Born and raised in Connecticut, her love of the underwater world was cultivated during family vacations to a small island on the coast of Maine where she would spend hours exploring the tide pools and watching the endless sea crash upon the rocky shore. She began her journey into the diving world in September 2014 during her last semester at the University of Connecticut, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science. (webmaster@seconndivers.org)

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