Back Beach, Rockport


Site Depths:

Shore to 30ft+

Site Overview:

Back Beach is a popular dive site for beginners and locals alike, known for it’s metered parking, accessible facilities, and easy entry.  The cove can be dove on either side, North or South.  The North (left) side follows a jetty while the south (right) side passes through large boulders across a sandy bottom.  Keep your eyes open for juvenile flounder during the late summer. If you have a Massachusetts lobster license, this is a great place to harvest Homarus americanus. Overall, a great relaxing dive with an easy entry and a good amount of marine life. This is also a popular sport for night diving due to the parking options and easy entry. Front beach, the more southern adjacent beach/cove, is also a popular dive site.


Unlike other local dive sites, Back Beach is not tide dependent, however arrive early to have an easier time finding a parking spot. After securing a parking spot, you must pay at a kiosk located next to the bathrooms ($2 per hour). Be sure to display the ticket on your dash to avoid receiving a ticket.


KA 8/21/17