Beauchamp Point, Rockport, ME

Site Depths: Shore to 60ft+

Site Overview:

Diving Beauchamp Point should be on the list of any diver venturing Downeast. Located on the eastern side of Rockport Harbor in Rockport, Maine, it is a fan favorite of the local dive club, the “Aqua-nuts”. The site is an easy dive that has something to offer to a wide-variety of divers. Though depths of 40+ feet can be obtained, staying in the 15-20′ range provides lots to see and explore. Entering and exiting the site can be done from a number of different spots. But they all require mental preparation as you roll off rock ledges and then “seal style” get back onto them.

The bottom is made up of rocks and boulders close to shore and turns to mucky silt as you go deeper and towards the center of the harbor. Waters run in the 50s during the summer, but a 7mm suit (or 5mm with vest) will suffice. With clear water and an abundance of life, this is surely a spot to check out! If you are interested in visiting, contact Corey ( who has contact with the local dive club.

Site Specifics:

Close to shore are ledges and large boulders covered with brightly colored sessile critters. This hard bottom provides nooks and crannies for lobsters and crabs to hide in. But if you’re used to CT lobsters, be prepared…Maine lobsters rule the land and will let you know it by jumping out from behind rocks and seaweed clumps to let you know you’re on their land. However, they’ll only startle you, they aren’t aggressive.

You’ll also see lots of small blue sea stars, urchins, crabs, snails, Flounder, bait fish, Cunner, and Sculpin. You’ll be sure to recognize some of the residents…some of the images featured in our Local New England Species page were taken at this site.

The road leading to Beauchamp Point is closed during the winter, but opens up for the summer season.


There is no sign marking the spot. However, there is a very visible and well used parking spot off the road. If those spaces are filled, simply park as far off the side of the road as possible. From the road, its only a short walk to the rock ledges where you’ll make your entrance.


CAL 6/16/18