Dawson Street, Eastport, Maine

Site Depths: Shore – 60ft+

Site Overview:

If you travel to Eastport to dive the Old Steamship Pier, you definitely want to also swing by Dawson Street! It is another shore dive where you can reach depths of 60ft+ depending on the tide. And again…be sure to check out our listed restrictions as the timing and go with a buddy who has been before. Otherwise you might end up heading towards Canada! Easily one of the best shore diving sites in New England.

Site Specifics:

The entry is a short walk, only a couple hundred feet from where you park at the public access parking spots on Dawson Street. No dive flag is needed here.

On the beach, go to the right and enter. Take a heading out to 120º. You will go down a wall that goes to 60 feet within a few minutes of swimming. At 45 feet, go right. Follow the wall at this depth for a few minutes and you might find some Atlantic Wolffish under a ledge. Our diver, Matt T., was able to see a total of four Atlantic Wolffish at this site! There are also Ocean Pout, Grubbys, Sculpin, Sea Ravens, and plentiful Bushyback Nudibranchs. This site is absolutely beautiful.


There are extremely strong tidal currents at this dive site. Your dive should start exactly 20 minutes after high tide. You will only have 45 minutes of bottom time. As mentioned before…if you miss this window, you might end up heading toward Canada. Double and triple check the tide charts – and be aware that even hitting the site at the right tidal portion, you still might encounter strong currents.

This site should only be visited by experienced cold water divers with experience in tidally influenced areas. It is not a site suitable for new or inexperienced divers. It is highly recommended that this site be visited with a buddy who has experience diving it previously.

Matt Tremblay 10/21/20 | CAL edited 11/16/20