Kings Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

Site Depths: Shore – 30ft+

Site Overview:

Kings Beach is a popular dive site used by various groups from beginners taking their open water certification to free divers and spear fishermen.  The dive passes through eel grass at the start before crossing over several boulders and sandy areas.  Expect to see black sea bass, lobsters, and other small fish and crustaceans.  There are no bathrooms here but there are at the nearby Brenton Point.  This is also a popular site for fishermen.  After diving, you can spend some time in the sun at the beach next door, or continue on to the other scenic sights of Newport.  Overall this is a fun dive with decent visibility, easy entry, a short walk down from your car, and plenty to see.

Entry:  Easy, walking down an old concrete boat ramp

** You can also dive off the beach next door, however, this starting point has more interesting topography and is definitely the more popular (and easier to get to) entrance.

Depth: Max of about 32 feet

Water Temp:  As of June 18th it was 58 at the surface, 55 at depth.

Visibility:  It can be choppy in this area with vis ranging from 0-20 feet.

Parking:  Along the entrance road (dirt road) and free