Loblolly Cove, Rockport, Massachusetts

Site Depths: Shore – 45ft

Site Overview:

Loblolly Cove is one of many popular dive sites on Cape Ann. A guarded cove with gentle grade and sandy entry make this site a great spot for new divers and those with experience alike. There is a small parking lot adjacent to the cove, but is resident only. You can drop the gear and park at nearby Pebble Beach, a short walk from Loblolly, or find street parking. Pay attention to signs! Many streets surrounding the area will say “No parking either side”. A small path from the parking lot leads to a rocky path and Loblolly Point which is frequented by hikers, bird watchers and others who love majestic ocean views, including the distant Two Lights State Park. Loblolly is a great site for both day and night diving.

Site Specifics:

There is a sandy path into the water on the right side of the cove for easy entry. Be wary of tides if you leave anything on the beach. High tide comes further up the beach, particularly on the right side, so if you’re leaving anything behind, be sure to place it higher up the beach or rocks. The right is rocky and there is some sandy beach to the left for sun bathers. Locals enjoy bringing their dogs there for a cooling swim, so you may meet a fuzzy friend with a crab in his mouth saying “Hi! I got ‘dis!”. The cove itself is quite shallow, but if you get past the point, may find depths of 30+ feet. The middle of the cove is flat and sandy while the sides are full of rocks and plant life giving sea creatures a multitude of places to hide. There is much to see while exploring the cove. You can find a variety of crabs from hermit crabs to spider, green and rock crabs. You may also catch a pipe fish in the shallows, small camouflaged flounder, lobster peeking out from under a rock or striped bass passing by for a quick hello! Because the dive is mostly shallow, it has wonderful natural light for photographers and those who enjoy the beauty of the rocky MA coastline.


The parking lot is small and resident only. The road leading into the lot is narrow, so be wary of pulling in to drop off your gear and having room to turn around. If you are diving with a larger group, it may be best to park most at Pebble, load the gear in one or two vehicles and then drop off. Penzance Rd is one way at Pebble, so it may be best to follow your GPS to Pebble Beach, then hoof it to Loblolly.

GSH 08/10/20 | Updated 08/10/20