Old Steamship Pier, Eastport, Maine

Site Depths: Shore – 60ft+

Site Overview:

The Old Steamship Pier is located in Eastport, Maine – the most easterly city in the United States. This is a shore dive that requires planning due to the extreme tidal range and strong currents. Make sure to dive only during the correct times. However, it is a very easily navigated site and is full of lots of interesting New England marine life. Depth bottoms out around 60ft with most people averaging 20-40ft.

The site features easy entry and the parking is directly across from the dive site…but we’ll say it again…make sure to dive it at the proper time – otherwise you might find yourself in Canada!

Site Specifics:

The entry is a short walk, only a couple hundred feet, from the parking area which is right next to the pier. No dive flag is required. At low tide, you will be able to see the top of a granite wall straight ahead (~120º). It drops down to around 20ft and is a couple hundred feet long. This is the Old Steamship Pier for which the site is named. If you are searching for nudibranchs, this is the area where they tend to hang and hide out.

If you dive during the high tide slack, this wall is in the 20-40ft range, but the nudibranchs will still be there! Beyond the wall there are reef formations, but mostly sand and various old timber pieces.

If you’re looking to see a few Sea Scallops, beyond the wall is where you’ll want to head…they seem to be everywhere! Also be on the lookout for Sculpin, Grubbys, and if you’re lucky, maybe a Goosefish! Very nice dive site.


There are extremely strong tidal currents at this dive site. Your dive should start either exactly at high tide or 1.5 hours before low tide. You will only have 45 minutes of bottom time. As mentioned before…if you miss this window, you might end up heading toward Canada. This site should only be visited by experienced cold water divers with experience in tidally influenced areas. It is not a site suitable for new or inexperienced divers. It is highly recommended that this site be visited with a buddy who has experience diving it previously.

Matt Tremblay 10/21/20 | CAL edited 11/16/20