Paddock Rock, Massachusetts

Paddock Rock, Site Summary

Site Depths: 15-90ft

Site Overview:

Paddock Rock is an underwater pinnacle that is accessible via boat. There is a permanent mooring that leads to a shot line down to the peak. At low tide, the peak lies at approximately 15′.

Paddock Rock features a giant underwater staircase of sorts. The southern wall features a series of ledges. Each ledge gains 15-25′ in depth until you reach the trench at approximately 90′. Due to its varying depths, it is a good location for training. However only appropriately trained divers should go below to the trench.

A granite mound, Paddock Rock attracts a wide variety of our local creatures including Green Sea Urchins, sea stars, Cunner, nudibranchs, and more.

Generally showcasing decent visibility (for New England at least), it is a great site for photographers, critter lovers, and the average “I just wanna get in the water” divers.

Site Specifics:

After successfully mooring, divers follow the shot line down approximately 15′ (tide dependent) to the top of the mound. Light penetration is still good at this depth and you’ll easily see a wide variety of invertebrate life. The smooth rocks are covered with an encrusting red algae that throws everything upon it into bright relief.

The first thing you might see are a myriad of brightly colored sea stars (both Forbes’ and Blood) and Green Sea Urchins. If you have a keen eye, you might even see lobsters (both great and small) hiding in the crevices. As you descend, you’ll see large mussels, anemones, flounder, cunner, and more invertebrates than you can fully comprehend.

As this is a moored site, groups are not required to hold a dive flag, but a diver down flag must be flown from the vessel.

The site is mainly a rock mound, but it is surrounded by a bottom type of fine sand and crushed shells.


As mentioned above, this site is accessible by boat. Check out your local charters to see who might be visiting in the near future!

CAL 7/2/2019