Stonington Point, Connecticut



Site Overview:

Stonington Point is a very popular dive site for the local diving communities. During the summer months, there are groups of divers exploring the site nearly every evening. After an easy beach entrance, you’ll quickly find depths of 18-20ft. In summary, Stonington Point is a excellent site for beginners. However, experienced divers love it too and frequent it week after week!

Local divers might also be spotted after the sun has gone down – enjoying a night dive when a variety of creatures that hide during the day are swimming and crawling about the seafloor. Squid are frequently seen darting around, often with dinner grasped in their arms.

In 2016, SECONN donated two picnics tables to the site – they make donning and doffing gear a breeze!

Site Specifics:

After parking and gearing up, you simply have to walk across the beach and you’ll be in the water. During the summer, a swim platform floats in the middle of the area…so be mindful of cannonballs and belly floppers! A popular location for boaters, remember to bring your dive flag (click here for dive flag regulations in Connecticut).

Two jetties act as book ends to the beach and act as home to a myriad of fishes, invertebrates, and colorful algaes. The area in between is covered by an eelgrass bed – if you are patient and have a good eye, you’ll see plenty of juvenile creatures swimming and hiding amongst the green leaves.


There are no fees for parking or entrance to the beach, however diving is prohibited from 10am to 4pm during the summer months. For more info on the time restrictions, check out the Stonington COMO.


CAL 8/28/2016