Wallum Lake, Douglas, Massachusetts

Site Depths: Shore – 70ft

Site Overview:

Wallum Lake is located on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island…just a hop, skip, and a jump from Connecticut. With easy entry and possible depths exceeding 70ft, it’s a great spot to jump in the water if you’re blown off the ocean. During the colder seasons there isn’t a lot to see except the “gelatinous schmootz” of the muddy lake floor, but during the warmer months there are at least ten fish species that call it home along with plenty of aquatic flora.

The lake stretches across 322 acres of space – with more than half surrounded by the Douglas State Forest. This results in a very low-developed shoreline.

Site Specifics:

There are two entry points; the boat launch is directly off the parking lot and the beach is a short walk away. Both have easy access to the deeper portion of the lake if you navigate properly. Check out the bathymetry map of Wallum Lake here.

The site is frequented by fishermen, so be both cautious and respectful of their usage. A dive flag should be towed as per MA and RI laws. Trout are stocked throughout the year – you can also find bass, pickerel, perch, and more! Small trees have made their way to the bottom of the lake – be sure to shine your light around the bottom near them as they act as hiding places for fish and inverts.

As with many lakes, there is a thermocline present during the warmer months. The bottom substrate is a sticky mud that isn’t easily disturbed in the way fine sand can, but proper buoyancy techniques should be employed to ensure good visibility.


At the time of this writing, there is a parking fee of $9 for MA license plates and $30 for out-of-state – but it appears to be seasonal. Waiting on confirmation. Our divers weren’t required to pay a fee in November 20202.

CAL 11/02/20 | Updated 11/02/20