New England Wreck Symposium 2022

Registration: 8:30am
Presentations: 9am

New England Wreck Symposium

New England Wreck Diving goes back to the very first days of diving. Before Sidescan Sonar or Multibeam Echo Sonars were used to find these sunken vessels, divers would ride along with dredgers in hopes of finding “numbers” (aka latitude/longitude) to their newest diving spot.

In February 2019, SECONN co-hosted the revamped New England Wreck Symposium with the UConn Avery Point Scuba Club. Held on Avery Point’s beautiful campus in Groton, the event brought divers and non-divers from all six New England states! With local explorers such as David Caldwell & Heather Knowles, Mark Munro, Captain Bill Palmer, Evan Kovacs, and more the topics cover all aspects of wreck diving and exploration.

2021 found us experiencing the symposium from a different environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom enabled us to still hear tales of underwater exploration, but we are excited and hopeful to be planning the 2022 event! We are keeping in accordance with local COVID-19 guidelines, but our 2022 event is currently slated to once again be in-person and on the UConn Avery Point Campus in Groton, Connecticut!

With both new and returning faces, keep an eye out as we fill our schedule with presentations that cover all aspects of New England Wreck diving!

NEWS 2022 Lineup:

Shipwrecks of Mass Bay and Stellwagen Bank 

by Heather Knowles and David Caldwell

Located in the Southwest Gulf of Maine, the coastal waters
of Massachusetts Bay and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary contain hundreds of shipwrecks. This diverse area reflects a history that includes the pillars of the New England’s ocean economy, commerce and fishing. The waters off Boston also contain shipwrecks amassing one of the largest artificial reef areas in the United States due to the 1930’s-era Works Progress Administration, which provided for employment during the Great Depression and clean-up of Boston’s waterfront. Join us as we share some of our favorite local dives, and look back at a few notable discoveries along the way.

Heather Knowles and David Caldwell are the co-founders of Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions, Inc. They operate their dive charter boat, Gauntlet, with a focus on shipwreck diving and exploration. Heather and Dave are Fellows of the Explorers Club, and in addition to exploring and making discoveries within their local waters, they have had the privilege of exploring some of the world’s notable shipwrecks off the U.S. East Coast, Canada, and in the Mediterranean, South Pacific and South China Sea.

Nazi Attack Against America:
the Hunter becomes the Hunted

by Richie Kohler

During World War Two, German U-Boats seemed nearly unstoppable, striking without warning around the globe. It would take a combination of advanced technology and subterfuge to finally beat the submarine menace. Richie Kohler will be talking about the U-Boats successes, and ultimate failings in our local waters, in their attack against America.

Finding a pirate ship: 
Whydah, 1717

by Bob Cembrola

This presentation will focus on the Whydah,
 but also briefly touch on HMS Orpheus and (time permitting) Titanic.

Mapping Artificial Reefs

by Peter Straub

Mapping artificial reefs to follow the development of ecological function in newly placed structures. 

Maritime History of SE Massachusetts and its Shipwrecks.

by Arnold Carr

Medications and Diving: What Every Diver Needs to Know!

by Dr. David Charash

Please join Dr David Charash a Dive Medicine Physician who will give an overview on  current understanding of Medications in Diving. A general approach to deciding ones medical fitness to Diving while on medications will be explored. An overview of medications that could possibly inhibit  ones dive safety profile will also be discussed.This is a must attend lecture as it will enhance your knowledge on medications and diving.


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