PH2OTO Exhibit

SECONN’s Annual PH2OTO Exhibit

“Highlighting the Freshwater and Marine Environments”

On November 11th, 2016, SECONN Skin Divers held its first Annual PH2OTO Exhibit at the Custom House Maritime Museum in New London, Connecticut. Members and friends joined to view the gallery and enjoy a fancy evening on the town. We reconvened on November 10, 2017 for our 2nd annual event which featured an even greater number of photo submissions and attendees. In 2018 we moved across the street to the Credabel Coral Lab and enjoyed another lovely evening with beautiful images and fellow divers.

We rotate our submission requirements to not only hold true to our original idea of “Highlighting the Freshwater and Marine Environments of New England” but to also allow others to experience the vast world around us with global submissions. For 2019 we are accepting images from around the world for both the exhibit and the calendar contest. They simply must feature a body of water. We welcome images of shipwrecks, beautiful sceneries, and a myriad of creatures on air, land, and sea. While they are accepted, please try to keep images that focus on people to a minimum.

Complete rules and guidelines for photo submission may be found here.