2020 Coastal Cleanup

What is it?

Every year SECONN joins with Save the Sound and the Ocean Conservancy to remove trash from our waterways. For 2020 we are hosting two weeks of cleanup instead of one dive day to follow with socially-distant practices.

Who can participate?

Anyone! We simply ask that you do your cleanups solo or as a small group (think five people).

Where is it?

SECONN focuses on the waterways in our area. You can do your cleanup on scuba or just by walking along the water at a local beach or park.

When is it?

September 13th through September 27th

(Though photos from September 1 will be accepted)

How to Participate

  • Follow local pandemic protocols (keep at least 6ft between individuals, wear masks, etc)
  • Find some trash in or along the water
  • Take a picture and send it to us via the Facebook Event or email it to communnity@seconnndivers.org
    • Please include location and date with the photo
  • Post your photos to social media and use the hashtags:
    • #SECONNcleanup2020
    • #CTcleanup2020
    • #DontTrashLISound
    • #SECONNDivers
    • #TrashTravels
    • #SavetheSound
  • (Optional) Download the Ocean Conservancy’s app, “Clean Swell” and upload your stats. Please choose “Save the Sound” as your group and comment “SECONN”
  • You can go as many days as you’d like…the more trash we grab, the happier the ocean will be!

After the Event

Keeping Cleaning!

SECONN encourages all of our members to pick up wayward trash and debris during every dive and durinng the every day life. However, we want to highlight and encourage specifically in the month of September.


As a fun incentive, we are offering three $25 giftcards to the SECONN store for the following categories:

– Most trash picked up (lbs)*
– Most interesting piece of trash**
– Best socially-distant, mask-wearing, trash-collecting selfie**

* To be considered, you must use the Clean Swell app. Send us a screenshot of your “My Cleanup History” to community@seconndivers.org
**To be voted on in the Facebook event page 

Underwater Cleanups


© Mark Russell

Join us for an Underwater Cleanup!

SECONN Skin Divers seek to be an environmentally conscious crew – each dive is considered a cleanup dive (whether it’s trash or treasure); but we do set aside at least a few dives every year whose sole purpose is to seek out and recover as much trash and marine debris as possible. We celebrate Earth Day with a cleanup dive in the Connecticut River and the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) dive in the Thames River in September. The ICC is an international initiative to promote the problem of marine debris and to organize a world wide effort to clean up our coasts.

Since 2014, SECONN divers and helpers have helped pull over 1,500 items from the Thames River. These items include food wrappers, cigarettes, socks, plastic bottles, straws, bicycles, and more. This year, our divers and helpers pulled over 30 glass bottles and pieces of pottery, oars, fishing poles, license plates, marine debris, and even a stop sign from the area around the Deep River Landing for our Earth Day Cleanup.

Help us clean up our coastal waterways – both in dedicated underwater cleanup dives and in regular recreational dives. If you go diving and find a site that is full of debris, let us know! Locals divers are always helping to clean up our waterways.

Underwater Cleanup 2015

Cleanups can be a dirty job – we need help both in and out of the water! Shoot us an email if you’re interested in volunteering.

Upcoming Cleanups: