Winter Banquet

Annual Winter Banquet

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Every winter, SECONN hosts a Winter Banquet…we move away from our regular meeting location of the Uncasville Diner and dress up for a night. Cocktails and dinner is followed by a presentation from a guest speaker (some years the “guest” speaker is one of our own members!). We also award the Community Service and the Golden Fin awards (descriptions below). In 2018 we moved to the Mystic Aquarium and began Dining with the Fishes. This year we were joined by Dr. Charles Mazel on “Dark Night, Blue Light – Unlocking the Hidden World of Fluorescence” – see his work at Nightsea: Bringing Fluorescence to Light.

Check out some images from previous banquets below (and if you have any pictures from this event or others, we’d love to see them!)

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Community Service Award

One of the purposes of the club is to promote conservation and preservation of our local waterways.  We perform this duty through education, beach cleanups and other activities.  The “Community Service” is given to the member who, over the past year, has made sure the club doesn’t forget that duty.

Golden Fin Award

This award is presented to the person who has done the most for the club.  The “most” can be very loosely defined.  It can be the person who showed up at meeting and kept us focused.  Or it could be the person who went out and solicited new members, or the one who scheduled all the charter dives.

For news on upcoming banquets, check out the posts below: