SECONN Summer Dives

SECONN Summer Charters aboard Cape Ann Diver II

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All charters require advanced Open Water certification (or an accompanying instructor) and are for two dives. Divers are required to bring all necessary gear, including two tanks and weight.

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First Charter with Us? Here’s what to Expect:

Plan to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your charter is set to depart. This allows for you and your fellow divers to load your gear, make sure you have everything, and get it set up and ready to splash.

Each diver will have a “station” where the tanks gets secured; there is limited space below each station and a common area for gear bags. Just remember it’s shared space, so be courteous to your fellow divers and keep your gear tidy.

The chosen dive sites determine the travel time – some are minutes away, while others are an hour or more of steam. Plan to devote your whole day, even for half day charters.

Captain Jon will go over specifics of the Cape Ann Diver II, as well as site specifics. There is a boat head (bathroom) and room below for dry gear or to warm up on colder dives, as well as freshwater to rinse gear. The boat has two easily accessible diver ladders and a hang bar for safety stops.

Cost of the charter only covers admission; don’t forget to bring some cash to tip your captain and his mate. Typically people bring $5-10 per dive (so $10-20 total), but feel free to tip more if you had a great time!

If you have any questions or things you think we should add here, feel free to reach out!

Page Updated 6/4/2020