New England Spearfishing + Freediving

New England Spearfishing + Freediving

Explore the coast through New England Spearfishing + Freediving! Many of SECONN’s members also enjoy both spearfishing and freediving. If you’re a veteran to the sports or looking to expand your underwater time, check out the info below to find some local events, guidelines, and clubs.

Float Plan

SECONN encourages everyone to participate in safe dive practices. One of those practices is to have a shore contact who knows where you’re diving and when you should be out of the water. Having a float plan printed out and placed in your windshield will also assist in case of an emergency. Print out a bunch and fill it out pre-dive or fill it out on your computer and print each time.


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Local Guidelines and Regulations

Massachusetts Fisheries Regulations
Rhode Island Fisheries Regulations

Local Clubs

Tristate Skindivers Club | Instagram

Updated 11/5/2018