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SECONN 2020 Webinar Series

The webinars are free to view and share with your dive friends! If you would like to make a donation and help us cover hosting costs, please visit our online store. To view more about each presenter, visit our Webinar Home Page. We are working hard to get the webinars up to date; please check back for more webinars as they are made available!

*Please note that Dr. Charash’s presentation was not recorded due to technical difficulties.

Jeff Milisen

Follow the Tentacles: Epipelagic Cephalopods and the Animals that Eat Them.

Dr. Jason Krumholz

Artificial Reefs for Diving, Fishing, and Conservation: A Scientific Perspective

Richie Kohler

Shadow Divers

Dan Orr

Does Scuba Diving Have a Retirement Age?

Faith Ortins

Exploring the Polar Regions: Above and Below the Water

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Jennnifer Idol

Lens of Adventure

Erik Rosenstein

Caves and Cave Diving in the Yucatan Peninsula – Past, Present, and Future

Neal W. Pollock, PhD.

Thoughtful Management of Decompression Stress

Rustin Cassway

The Octavian Project

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Becky Kagan Schott

Stories Behind the Shot

Weldon Wade

Diving in Bermuda

Dr. John Littlefield

Underwater Archaeology in Turkey

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Josie Iselin

The Curious World of Seaweed

Jill Heinerth

The Explorer’s Mindset

Tyler Phelps

Exploration and Ecology of Twilight Zone Fishes